In which Dave Had To Skip School

When you wake up to the groaning of a child by 4 a.m in the morning, there is every reason that you may want to get into panic mode.

“Mum, my stomach is killing me”. My eyes adjusted to the room light to identify that it is Dave with the pain. Stomach pain?

“What did you eat?”

Not like I expected him to confess to spending his lunch money on sweets and biscuits instead of a healthy snack, but I had to give it a shot. And then the inevitable answer…”nothing”. I made a mental note to monitor everything he eats.

I poked and prodded as I became nurse. Trying to find our the locale of the pain exactly. Lower abdomen around the navel.

I thought of possible first aid: there was the salt and water solution and maybe Mist Mag? Then I remembered I had been postponing getting the Mist Mag for the first aid kit. I quickly mixed salt and water and gave him to drink. And then he threw up *sigh* Maybe the salt and water solution wasn’t such a good idea.

The vomiting calmed him and he went back to sleep. It was just past 5 but I couldn’t even think of going back to sleep. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch and for a brief second I wondered if the kids would grow up expecting their wives to make lunch based on the example I was setting.

Our resident “doctor”,  Michael,  diagnosed him with “vomitiosis” (yes, he actually spelt it) and Dave didn’t find that funny. One thing was sure, though, Dave would have to skip school for today.

Michael must have just discovered the suffix “-osis” and so he is diagnosing everyone: Zaram has “slaposis” a disease which makes him want to slap everyone. The cure lies in cutting off his arm!

Another Aside:
It’s great when the kids stand together. Zaram said he was scared of a test he had to sit and Michael promised he would stand by him every step of the way.

Well, I’m smiling now. Stopped by at the chemist’s shop and got some medicine for Dave. He should be better soon. And hopefully tomorrow he’ll join his brothers in school 🙂


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