In Which We Try To Find An English Word For Turny Gari.

There is nothing in parenting I have found to be as tiring as resolving conflicts among children. There is always the tendency of taking the side of the one you consider weaker in a given situation.

The other day Dave accused me of not loving him enough. I asked him why he would think that. He launched into a story of how he is always the one who takes the blame when his younger ones go wrong. How no matter what happens I always find a way of making it look like he is the one in the wrong.

After his submissions, I reminded him that as the oldest he should know he has greater responsibility. And I promised to be fairer. We parted as friends with him hugging me and saying: “That’s why I love you mum, you are the best mum in the world”. (Hmmm)

I think the issue of feeling unloved is real. I felt so several times as a middle child. Neither here nor there and I think…and this thought just came as I was typing this, that I am compensating by showing more love for my middle son. Then there is the last born, my baby. Between the two of them, Dave doesn’t seem to stand that much of a chance.

I probably should save him a cuddle for tonight.

In more flabbergasting news: Zaram came to make a complaint to me last night and he went:

Mum, I didn’t do anything to Dede and the used that eba wood to rub on my body.

Eba wood???!!! I burst out laughing

As my laughter recedes with Zaram joining in because he just saw how ridiculous it sounded, Michael asks: so what is it called in English?

Dave came in and called it Turny Gari. Michael argues its not an English word and turns to me and says: Mum, you were the one laughing, tell us what it is called in English.

I’m still thinking.

Do you know what its called in English?



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