In Which Dave Lies to a Caller

I take lying very seriously. I don’t think its something you laugh or gloss over. I am one of those who believe that as far as you can you should be truthful in all circumstances. Lying breeds distrust. Distrust means the relationship is dead.

I encourage my kids not to lie. In fact, I’ve made it like a rule that if any of them are caught in a lie they will surely be punished but if they tell the truth they may just end up with serious scolding.

So you can imagine how surprised I was a few days ago when Dave told a lie to cover up for me without my even asking him to.

Someone called the house quite late at night. I recognised the number, told him who it was (it was someone he knew too) and asked him to take the call. (This wouldn’t be the first time he would be taking a call from this number)

So he took the call. I lay back and shut my eyes for a bit and then he goes quiet. I turn to look at him and then he looks me right in the eye while speaking into the phone and says:
“She is fine, but she is sleeping”.
I couldn’t believe my ears.

I asked him about it later and he says: “You closed your eyes and was looking at me somehow”. I told him it was unnecessary to have lied since I didn’t ask him to. He apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again…I have a feeling that is the bigger lie. Actually, that’s what’s really scary.

My theory is that he told the lie to ‘protect’ me. What do you think?


So Dave obviously can’t tell mascara from lipstick. I’m hoping this is a skill he will learn soon. Just the other day he picked up my mascara and asked “black lipstick, are you a teenager that you use black lipstick?’

Another Aside

Michael obviously thinks there is something funny about the book title Lamb Tales From Shakespeare” so he asks:

“Did you get a lamb’s tale from a guy called Shakespeare?”

Make of that what you will.

Final Aside

I reproduced this conversation between Michael and Zaram word for word. Enjoy!

Zaram: He is just a moronga
Michael: What the heck is a moronga, don’t you mean moron?
Zaram: I mean moronga
Michael: *Scoffs
Zaram: Okay you what does moron mean?
Michael: Someone who is senseless
Zaram: Useless???!!!
Michael: No I said senseless
Zaram: I thought you said useless
Michael: That’s because you have a rare case of not-hearingtitis



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