In Which We Talk About The Abducted Girls

I had generally skirted over the discussion when we talked about kidnapping last time, but yesterday it was an impossible discussion to avoid as Dave cornered me in the kitchen.

“Mum, what happened with those girls”
“What girls?”
“The girls everyone has been talking about.”
“The Chibok girls?”
“They were abducted”

That was actually the question I was avoiding. The how part. Four weeks and we don’t have a single version of the how part.

“I don’t know exactly how it happened,” I started. “All we can say is that some people went to these girl’s school and took them away”

“How???!!!” That was Michael
“You mean they couldn’t call 911?’ Dave interjected
“112”, I put in
“Yeah, 112”

This was the part of the story that confused me the more, so I decided to give them the story, all I know, as a reporter would.

I told them of how the abductors had posed as soldiers and deceived the girls. How some later escaped and how the rest are still being held. I skipped the part about the authorities having warning in advance and the conflicting stories of what really happened that night.

“So what’s happening now?”

“Will we get them back”

“That’s our prayer” I responded.

“If they catch that Shekau guy, he should be fenced into the deadliest part of Venom island”, David declared.

“What’s on Venom Island?” I asked

“Commodore dragons, and black mambas and spike fishes and puffer fish whose stings can make you delirious…”

The conversation shifted to wildlife and my thoughts remained for a while with the girls and the terror activities in the North as I wondered whether my country would win this war.


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