In Which I Force The Boys to Eat Their Veggies

A friend of mine told me of how she has to cook four different dishes per meal to make her family happy. Essentially, each of her children, there are three of them, decide what they want each day and she provides it. Her kids hardly agree on anything. I doff my hat for her. I guess she is able to accomplish this because she likes cooking and the kitchen. Not me.

I like my boys to eat healthy so I ensure that I give them something of all the classes of food each day. Unfortunately, they hate veggies. I remember the few times I have gone to great lengths to make fried rice only for them to pick out all the veggies and drop on one side-making a mess in the process-and eating up all the rice.

They also hate seeing onions and tomatoes in the stew, it has to be properly blended. I on the other hand, love seeing the tomatoes and onions in the stew, so you see…we have a problem.

Most times they win because I really want them to eat and add some flesh (sigh, mama’s love) but on this day I insisted they must eat the onions so I force fed them (-_-) I can still remember the look on Michael’s face as he chewed and swallowed with a gulp, then I made them sit with me until I was sure that they wouldn’t go and throw up.

I served up their lunch with the same type of stew and they went off to school. Next day, I met the food in their plates, wasted, barely touched. I gave up! Right now, I’m back to blending. I need the kids to eat *sigh. Yeah, they win, I lose…what can a mother do?

Aside: a friend sent me a DM the other day complaining about her daughter refusing to eat anything else but rice and spaghetti. According to her the daughter only picks at other foods. I responded that she should try and cajole her into eating. She could promise her a treat if she eats other foods.

Unknown to me, Michael was seated behind me, the moment I hit the send button he asked:

“Mum, really?”
“Really what?”
“Really, she should beg her to eat, promise her a treat?”
I pretended like I couldn’t hear him
“So you tell your friend to beg her daughter and then you force food down our throats”.

Did I mention that I need a holiday?



  1. Mmmm, as a mom I sure understand your dilemma. How will you feel when your child comes down with a serious illness though. It’s so hard to be more stubborn than children but I urge you to do so.

    Have you asked them what food they might enjoy; corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes with melted cheese, cucumbers and raw carrots with dip? A veggie pizza that they make themselves? How about fruit dipped in dark chocolate or whipped cream and yogurt? Apples or bananas dipped in peanut butter? I chopped up my veggies very fine and added to ground meat. Perhaps involve them in making homemade soups? Never give up for you would never forgive yourself if they were suffering later in life. Almost all illnesses can be traced back to what we consume or not. Hang in there. Blessings,

    1. Thanks. I’m sure finding ways to include the veggies. I do a lot of blending and then they do like some fruits so there’s always a way to balance things up. Much Love!

  2. Looooool. ..I can’t stop laughing. “So you tell your friend to beg her daughter and then you force food down our throats”.

    Aunty Abby, so you are in the do what I say and not do what I do. I don catch you today.

    BTW, how come I am just seeing or knowing about this blog?

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