In Which I Get Dinner in Bed

It was one of those extra tiring days. The office was not that kind to me. I had stared at the computer screen all day expanding writing and editing. I came home zapped.

I had to knock for a few minutes before the door was opened meanwhile I heard frantic movements of people trying to put the house in order.

“Not there”, yelled Dave, trying not to yell, “put it there”

I knocked again, rather impatiently. All I wanted was to get into the house and take off my shoes. I had a short vision of a foot massage I knew I wouldn’t get

“Get the brush”
It was David again. This kids were actually planning on leaving me outside until they cleaned up???

I suddenly realised I had a spare key tucked in somewhere in my bag. I digged for it and finally, “eureka”!

I walked in and everyone froze.
“Welcome Ma”, David led the pack and the two others echoed a greeting in unison.

The living room looked like a hurricane had gone right through it or to put it in my mother’s words, “like the occupants hastily moved out”. I didn’t have the strength to talk about the room, so I nodded to their greeting, walked past them all with the grimmest expression I could muster and headed for my room. (They weren’t expecting that)

I heard them quareling with themselves in an undertone; trading blames as to what they should or shouldn’t have done. I must have slept off cos next thing Dave was tapping me asking me to wake up and eat. (Apparently he had warmed soup and made eba) I got up to eat and went straight back to sleep.

Next day, I was to deal with the collateral damage of the previous day. The kitchen was a mess! Like I have come to know: For every good thing the kids do, I expect to spend hours doing it better.

So the boys have suddenly taken an interest in my virtual life. If you follow me on Twitter you may have read on the TL of how Michael pulled a stunt two nights ago.

Well just now I got a mini query
Dave: Why aren’t you using us as your twitter display picture anymore?
Me: Cos I don’t like you guys anymore
Dave: So you now like Louisa (Louisa is their cousin whose photo is on my Twitter)
Me: Yup
Dave (to Michael): That means we have to do something soon.
Michael: Yeah, we need some dynamites to blow her to bits



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