In Which Dave Comes Home With A Swollen Lip

I got home at the usual time this evening. The burglary proof doors was open…now that was not unusual. The living room was upside down, that was usual and I saw Michael fleeing into his room naked. Yup, that too was usual.

I walked in complaining straight up of how they left the gate open when Dave popped out. His lips were twice as large as they were when he left home this morning. Now that was very very unusual.

I reacted the same way every mother would have reacted…I think. Shock!

In the next couple of minutes Dave explained how he had got into a disagreement with a boy in his class and the boy had decided to settle it with his fist. He had the broken/swollen lip to show for it. According to him, the school VP had settled it by punishing the boy who later came to apologise. So case closed.

I didn’t think it should be case closed and I told him so. I was going to be at his school tomorrow. Well, Dave didn’t think it was a good idea. In fact, he said the trip was going to be a waste cos its not like the boy would be punished again.

After giving this a thought, I announced I was still going to be at the school.
“Fine, its your decision”, was David’s response.
Now, I didn’t exactly like how that sounded. So, I was forced to explain my visit was just to know exactly what happened. And he responded with one of those looks that said: so you don’t believe me?

Alright, here I am wondering if there is some kinda “cool keeds” code which says “Mama shouldn’t show up in school cos some dude punched you in the face especially if dude has said he is sorry”. Is there?

This is kinda like an emergency, so I really need your comments.



  1. Ouch. I wont find that funny.

    Even cool keeds have mommas. You should go. You might just learn a few things about the incidence that you could teach/correct Dave on.

  2. I wouldn’t want mummy coming toy school cos I got in a fight with someone my own age. Especially as it’s not a repeated occurrence. Or some kinda gang up.

  3. I agree with Tiana, you should go. I do understand Dave might not want you coming to his School, for fear of being taunted by mates/friends or something else. However, its right to go to the School.

  4. A. Maybe there’s an angle your kid doesn’t want you to know about? (Like Tiana said). In which case you should go.

    B. Yes, cool kids’ moms don’t come to school, that’s for babies. But we always look back in life and feel proud that mom was always there and we love it. So, you should go.

    C. Most importantly, I think the bullies, classmates, teachers (in fact the entire school as it were) need to know his mom will come if anything at all happens to him. You want them to always keep an extra eye out for your kids.

    Abeg apart from everything else, a cut lip is serious, tomorrow it might be something more serious, God forbid. Don’t let tomorrow morning not meet you in that school oh! Lol

    ***I never forget back in sec school how the teachers never dared to go out of line with a particular white woman’s kids, she was oyinbo but she could shake the school like a real warri woman back then whenever she stormed in! As a result, everyone treated her kids with care.***

  5. Hmmm…I think you should go to find out what really happened. The other kid may be a bully for all you know, your showing up at the school tomorrow will send a strong message.

  6. I would definitely want to go but since Dave INSISTS its alright,then its alright. He could have had the fight without any injuries to show for it and you wouldn’t have known. So,take his word for it. Instead,call the teacher and confirm that everything really is ok.

    1. Lol @ karate. The men say no need to go, the women are checking to confirm you’re there already. Good morning

      1. Tiana, Yes the men never support such things but that’s why we’re moms and they’re dads. Moms always show up and dads always give reasons not to show up. 😀

  7. Thank you very much for all your comments. I actually found a middle ground. I think Dave will still maintain his cool keed status, while I still maintain, status mother lion 😀 I called the school and registered my indignation at having my son come home with a swollen lip and I got a solemn promise that such an occurence will never repeat itself again. so, win win?

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