Month: July 2014

In Which I Teach Michael He Doesn’t Always Have to be Number One.

*Clears cobwebs

I know, its been a while and it’s not because nothing has been happening. To the contrary, so much has been happening and I haven’t had the time to put them down.

One of the most recent was the double graduation of number 1 and number  3. Yep, Michael is saying bye to primary school and Dave is going to be Senior David next year.



Those are the two boys on their happy days. But happy days also come with lessons.

It’s funny how all kids are different and you need to create a separate template for each one. I find that Michael is a lot like me. He has been at the top percentile of his class for as long as I can remember. In grade 3 he came 1st for the first time (which reminds me of me:) Don’t laugh, I’m not making that up.)

Anyway, I find that unlike his siblings that I need to remind to be better academically, I need to remind Michael that it’s okay for someone else to better than he is. Plus, he doesn’t take losing to anyone, so I need to teach him that it’s okay to fail as long as you rise and try again.

So, Michael didn’t make valedictorian because he had to change school’s mid session. He felt so horrible about it that it almost ruined the day. Thanks to all that called to make him feel special, the day was eventually back on course. I had to take time out during the programme to remind him of all the reasons why he didn’t come out tops and explain that it really wasn’t his fault. I reassured him that I knew what he was capable of and then ended up by reminding him that it’s okay if someone is better and what really matters is the best he is.

After all my preaching, Michael turns to me and says : “Guess who will be the best overall in JS One? Me!” That’s Michael for the win!!

Okay…so I’m hoping he at least got the point.


It’s not everyday ones kid reminds one not to drink direct from the bottle. Truth be told, that’s what one should be telling one’s kid. So it was kinda weird when I decided to take a drink straight from the bottle and Zaram goes:

“Straw mum, you should use the straw. You are not an animal.”

Another aside:

The fights are still on (heaven help me). So I decided since you don’t use violence to end violence I need to find a non-violent way of making them stop. Last time Zaram hit Michael, I asked him to kneel and face the wall.

After a while, Zaram turns to me and says:
“Mom I promise I won’t hit him again…unless he gets me angry.”

And finally…

Let me leave you a screen shot of this convo I had with Michael earlier in the day:


Yes, Nigeria is my country.