In which we talk about the Ebola virus.

Well, it’s no longer news that Ebola is in Nigeria. So in the spirit of information dessemination, I reminded the kids of the need to wash their hands with soap and water once they come into the house (standard practice is to wash hands and feet after playing outside)

As expected, they wanted to know why the rule needed repeating so I had to tell them about Ebola and how it is spread. They had a few questions which I felt bothered on panic after I told them that they must not go near a sick person: what if you get sick?

I told them I wouldn’t put any of them at risk if I get sick. I would go straight to the hospital and call them from there.

What if one of us gets sick?

Brethren, I think I said what any mother would have said. My response was: I’d have no choice but to take care of you.
(But really, I can’t imagine not holding any of my sons because they have some incurable disease. Maybe I’m crazy)

“What will happen when we start school”, Michael asked.

“Didn’t  you hear when mum said you have to be ill to spread the virus”, was Dave’s retort. “What would a sick person be doing in school?”

I was just about to agree with Dave when Michael made a valid point:

“Havent you seen when a person was fine when he got to school and then got sick after…because me I have seen”.

And so valid question: will the children return to school in September if this thing has not blown over by then?

I had no answer for Michael. Please share if you have one.

So Dave asked me a question the other day: “Mum, when a guy says to a lady, ‘give me some sugar’, what does he mean?”

Told him it means the lady should go into the kitchenabd get him sugar.

Dave looks at me in disbelief. “Thats not what it means. Why don’t you want to tell me what it really means”.

Michael responds “Maybe because she does not want to corrupt your little mind”.

And another aside:
We got a call this morning that we should bath with salt and warm water because of Ebola. I relayed the call to the kids and Michael asks: “just salt and water? I thought you said Ebola doesn’t have a cure?”

End of church service.



  1. Lol. I love the way your kids think. I was more fascinated with their way of reasoning than the Ebola issue.
    That aside… The salt and water thing is total bullshit so disregard it. I’m sure you know already but just acting like all mothers should do…
    By September hopefully it might have been controlled.
    The important thing is to be careful with sick people especially if they have diarrhoea and vomiting…. also bleeding from their mouth et al…
    Good thing the virus is only transmitted when the person is sick so spread can be relatively controlled. I think health workers and immediate family members of people carrying it are those at greatest risk

    1. If your son falls sick for any reason just take him to the hospital… you could take extra precautions by taking care not to touch his secretions if any… It’s a difficult situation but I think it’s been blown out of proportion. Doctors still see sick people every day in the hospital. We just take extra precautions especially when examining them…
      Meanwhile tell your son what “sugar” is all about. :d

  2. 1. We are all hoping this would have blown away before the schools resume.
    2. THe person has to be really sick before he or she can be infective. So a sick person will hardly come to school.
    3.parenta should be advised to keep their sick ward off school and report to the hospital
    4. Hand washing with soap and water is far better than this hand sanitizers.
    5. IIf any child gets si K in school, the teachers should as matter of urgency isolate such child in the sick Bay of the school and contact the parents or guardian.
    6. That you promised to take care of them when they are ill is not crazy, normal human response. One of the emotions that would have to be handled during this Ebola outbreak to curb spread and number of people affected.

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