In which there is a New Love Interest 

So starting from this post I shall no longer be stating categorically which of the three boys what happened to. I have been made to swear to the bro code of “never kiss and tell” or see and tell or something along that line that if I am going to keep talking about the boys. One of them has joined social media and some of the things I post here may damage his “street cred”.😐

Now on to today’s post…

I have never really given that much thought to young love. I know it exists, I mean, I was young once. I had crushes and sometimes dreamed of riding off into the sunset with Prince Charming…But I never actually wanted any boy to touch me😒

So it struck me as slightly scandalous that a girl would meet my son, like him and begin to call and text him nonstop and wanting to be more than just friends😱 I didn’t expect things would happen this fast, I’m not ready for this stage of parenthood…

So how do we resolve this issue? My kids still believe I’m the cool mum, I bet that is why I get a blow by blow account of what’s going on in their lives, seriously nothing is off the table. One of them just started growing penis hair. Yeah, he showed me 😄…and I want to remain the cool mum…

But right now, I have a good mind to call the girl and ask her to stop bugging my son😤. But more important, it tells me that the boys have entered a new vista in their lives and my parenting methods need to adjust. I can’t get away with the few, ‘because I said so’s that I could pull out. Every No is followed by a why and then a why not. So what next?
So we had the talk again about texting and friendship with the opposite sex and setting limits such as not texting too regularly and not texting until too late at night. We have also talked about not using expressions of endearment such as bae, babe, sweetheart, dear, love on girls cos it makes them feel special when all you actually want is an open friendship. I must admit, it was easier talking about this stuff when they were younger…😑

Anyone parenting teens out there? How would you deal with this?

P.s. He likes the girl and knows they can’t be more than friends. He has told her as much. Whether she has heard is a different matter entirely…

Just for laughs😂

I overheard this conversation between Michael and Zaram

Zaram: Why have you not removed your school uniform?

Michael: Because I’m still wearing it!

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In Which I Uncover a Sinister Plan -_-

Look at me, I have chicken muscles!

Alright, I made a deal with myself that I will just come here and post instead of tweeting any of my experiences with the boys. I have to be better you know before I actually become a failed writer and do whatever-the-opposite-of-shame the devil is. 😌

So, I was going through my Twitter timeline, basically minding my own business with the kids looking over my shoulder, trying to mind my business with me.  Oh, wait, update! They are pretty grown up now.

They said all they need to grow is get born

Back to my post…

So I’m scrolling through my TL (I think I said that already) when I scroll past a photo and someone physically stops me from proceeding. One of them holds my hands and says “Wait, I want to see that again”. And me trying to be a cool mum and all, I wait. (Truth is, I was more concerned with what I could have missed) I scroll back and what do I see?

Picture posted without permission.

So I got asked…who is she? And I say oh, that’s @ChefYougee. Remember, she made the cake for #GrillandRead1?
Oh yes, goes No 3  She is sooo pretty.

Then No 1 has a brainwave.

I know what we’ll do. Michael, you are the techie, why not build some time freeze machine, we’ll kidnap her, put her in there and then she will be frozen until you are old enough to marry her. She’s a chef, you love cooking, perfect match.

Me: 😮

I must say it’s a lot harder bringing up teenagers and I haven’t even started. I’m glad they are pretty clear headed but sometimes they scare me. I am learning to always wear a poker face whenever I hear, “mom, I want to talk to you”. I will talk about our journey more regularly and I hope you come back soon.
P.s. Sorry I used your picture without permission @chefyougee.
P.p.s. You look so pretty @chefyougee