In Which I Uncover a Sinister Plan -_-

Look at me, I have chicken muscles!

Alright, I made a deal with myself that I will just come here and post instead of tweeting any of my experiences with the boys. I have to be better you know before I actually become a failed writer and do whatever-the-opposite-of-shame the devil is. 😌

So, I was going through my Twitter timeline, basically minding my own business with the kids looking over my shoulder, trying to mind my business with me.  Oh, wait, update! They are pretty grown up now.

They said all they need to grow is get born

Back to my post…

So I’m scrolling through my TL (I think I said that already) when I scroll past a photo and someone physically stops me from proceeding. One of them holds my hands and says “Wait, I want to see that again”. And me trying to be a cool mum and all, I wait. (Truth is, I was more concerned with what I could have missed) I scroll back and what do I see?

Picture posted without permission.

So I got asked…who is she? And I say oh, that’s @ChefYougee. Remember, she made the cake for #GrillandRead1?
Oh yes, goes No 3  She is sooo pretty.

Then No 1 has a brainwave.

I know what we’ll do. Michael, you are the techie, why not build some time freeze machine, we’ll kidnap her, put her in there and then she will be frozen until you are old enough to marry her. She’s a chef, you love cooking, perfect match.

Me: 😮

I must say it’s a lot harder bringing up teenagers and I haven’t even started. I’m glad they are pretty clear headed but sometimes they scare me. I am learning to always wear a poker face whenever I hear, “mom, I want to talk to you”. I will talk about our journey more regularly and I hope you come back soon.
P.s. Sorry I used your picture without permission @chefyougee.
P.p.s. You look so pretty @chefyougee


In the Beginning…

Technically, this is not the beginning…or maybe it is.  Maybe you are looking at this and thinking this has got to be the beginning as it is the first post on this blog but if you really think of it the beginning may have happened before I thought of this post or it may be in the future…

Okay. Ignore my feeble attempt at sounding deep. That is just one of the many tactics that I use to whip the kids in line and have them nodding in agreement and doing my bidding. You see there are several times that the stern look and the threats of cutting off their tongue and feeding them with it will only elicit hilarious laughter. At that point you just have to look them in the eye and say something deep.

While we are on the subject of deepness. I have learnt quite a bit from these three boys. Allow me to introduce them:

Dave is 12. He is presently in JSS 3 and can spin tales that’ll make me green with envy. He acts like he knows everything about all the animals on the planet. *rme

Zaram is 10. A struggling reader with the sharpest memory of them all. If you want something remembered be sure to do it around him. He is also the father of repetitive questioning. *sigh

Michael is 9 and he actually feels no one is smarter than he is. I’m sure in a short while he will learn there are other Godzillas. *evil smile

So on this blog I’m going to be sharing what it has taken me to be the mother of these three boys. The joys, the tears and the in betweens…but mostly the joys. Like hearing them think up stuff I would never have imagined.

Let’s start with some fun stuff. The type of questions and conversations I hear in a typical day…some I understand, some I attempt to explain, but mostly, I just pretend I never heard. I think the coolest thing about them is their seemingly being oblivious of how their comments will be perceived.

“Mum is going to have a baby: she has overeaten, she is drowsy and she is tired… Its definitely going to be a girl.”

“Zaram: Is it true that dreams die?
Me: Yes
Zaram: How do dreams die?
Michael: The same way they are born”

“Zaram: Mum, Michael just hit me and my tooth is shaking. Mum what will you do about it. It’s my permanent teeth.
Me: Oh come on, it can’t be your permanent teeth
Zaram: But it has been there permanently.”

“Mum, if Satan repents and goes back to God, will God forgive him?”

Oh well…take a breather.